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Some chat on the Cubasemidi Mailing List :

Question : wìth VST, can someone trigger punch in with a pedal, like with good ol' multi-track recorders ?

Answer: well, first you'd need a pedal that'd be a midi controller, and then there may be a way to assign that controller to the "Record" event for a value and the "Play" event for another value with Cubase's remote control option. Since I'm not familiar with this feature, I may be wrong but that'd be where I'd start?

And it works ! For those interested :

  • Plug an expression (or sustain) pedal into a synth hooked to the comp via midi
  • In VST, go to menu Options / Remote Control
  • In the "Record" window, display "Controller" and nbr 64 (sustain controller on my synth, but check out the manual of your equipment)
  • Start your song, and hit once to puch in and again to punch out.

Thanks to Serial P., thanks to Denis, happy music to everyone !

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Bruno & Coda, on the 12-06-2000

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