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Right, it's all well and good to perform multitrack recordings and to mix all this together, but once this is done, anyone wanting coherent and 100% clean material will have to have it mastered. This is where you finalize your product ! To do so, Steinberg offers a wonderful tool: WAVELAB. OK, this is not the only possible one, but since this site is all about Cubase and since this piece of soft is really fantastic, I'll address it! (To tell you everything, I tried some others for the sake of comparison and I turned back to this one in the end).

But the scope of this new section aims at Beingg much wider than the mere use of this piece of software, so this is why it's called "Mastering" and not "Wavelab" ;-)

What pros say about it :

For starters, I gathered (with the author's approval) interesting contributions of famous professionals : I named Dominique Balnc-Francard and Michel Geiss !

The former, DBF, briefly reviews the history of mastering and unveils some of his techniques.

The latter, Michel Geiss, tells us about coding errors when burning CDs... or pressing them.

Michel also wanted to follow up on DBF's description and provide us with his own opinion, of course with due respect to talent and competencies of his acolyte! To read Michel's precisions, just click on the links inside DBF's text, you'll then a comments, "post-it" like, note.


New features in version 2.02
Introducing version 3.0
New features in version 3.03
Interview with Philippe GOUTIER !
New features in version 3.03b
New features in versions 3.03c and d

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