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A Mixer Map for the Korg 168rc

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This Mixer Map is used to remotely control the Korg 168rc.

This first map (168rc Mix) allows to control:

  • Pans: all 16 of them.
  • Faders: the 16 channels and the Master channel
  • Aux 1 and Aux 2: the effects sends AUX1 and AUX2 as well as the PRE/POST switches
  • Mute: only on the Master channel (not very useful since setting a fader to 0 achieves the same effect).

The second map (168rc Groups) will deal with Groups, as well as eqs, effects? Maps must be split because of the 128-object limit imposed on that format in Cubase.

These mixermaps are supposed to work on any Cubase version supporting Mixer Maps and on any platform, thanks the Cubase's compatibility (?)

Some technical points :

The 168rc must be set to be controlled using NRPN (Stand Alone 3) on MIDI channel 16. The MIDI channel can be globally modified in the Mixer Map. Just edit an object (double-click) and change the MIDI channel while depressing the ALT key (COMMAND key on a Mac). Confirm and select ALL when the dialog pops up. Since the 168rc is controlled using NRPN, the Mixer Map uses a single MIDI channel. It can share it with another MIDI module provided that the latter doesn't use NRPN messages too. However avoid using program changes on that channel. Anyway, this is pretty useful when you've got only few MIDI channels.

Note : Note: there's a ML for users of Korg SoundLink products: soundlinkusers at

OK. I hope this will make some people happy ;-))

Download the Mixer Map.

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