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Members of the editorial team of ECVST are people who wanted to give some of their time and knowledge to other VST users. None of them gets paid for this. As everyone else, they don't have all talents. They may even only master one specific topic, if any. But it doesn't matter. They chose to devote to a section of the site or to fulfill a specific function in the team. And this they try to achieve as best as they can, and with some passion.

That's why they deserved some homage by naming every one of them


  • Mark Ar Ruz : Mailing-List Plug-ins
  • Martin BOYER : Mailing-List config-Audio and Simulason
  • Ceedjay : Mailing-List Simulason and translations
  • Christophe CHENEVARD : ML Numérison and WaveLab, correction of the french speaking pages
  • Daino : a little all ;o)
  • FeedBack : orchestra director
  • Yann EIRIN : @telier VST
  • Arnaud MELESE : MAC
  • Mario LITWIN : ML EMAO and "this week links"
  • Stéphane PENEAU : the soundcards
  • Gilles RAFFELSBAUER : ML Cubasis
  • Séb : translations and english version of "this week links"
  • Seoh : forums La Boitazic
  • Serial P : ML Cubasis

And it would be plain unfair not to mention the 2000 (as of December 22, 2002) members of the French-speaking mailing lists who also devote some of their time, each day, to helping others and sharing knowledge. Be they thanked !

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