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We're on Feb 25, 2001 and the mailing list just went through a fairly lively debate about qualities and defects of Cubase, all the more when compared to its little-big brother, Nuendo.

What conclusion some are deriving from it is final :

  • Cubase's code isn't that young anymore and it might be difficult tidy it or freshen it up. The perfect example is the single-level undo function, or built-in audio editing capabilities.
  • Some believe that Nuendo's "post-production" positioning policy developed by Steinberg doesn't hold. Those would be happy to migrate to Nuendo, by find it too expensive.
  • The debate also revolved around warez, as it often does ,o). This poll will also be the occasion to get better facts on this topic.

So this is a good occasion to express yourself ! A very important thing regarding the question about what version of Cubase you use : we have no way to identify you ! Nothing will happen to you if you tick "5.0 / warez". That's not our purpose that it would, here we just would like to get a sense of what reality is in this respect. So, be sincere and check the box corresponding to the Cubase version which you most often use ;oD

One last thing : we'll provide the url of the results page to Steinberg so that they can learn what your opinions are.

Cubase / Nuendo Poll
What Cubase version do you use ?
5.x official
5.x warez
4.x official
4.x warez
3.x official
3.x warez
Other (Cubasis etc) official
Other (Cubasis etc) warez
ou don't know
You don't want to answer
What use do you make of it ?
In between !
As a whole, would you say of Cubase that (several choices possible) :
It does fulfill you needs
It's got some limitations
It's got to many limitations
It's got some bugs
It's got too many bugs
It's no better nor worse than competition
It's all crap
You don't have an opinion
Of Nuendo you would say that :
It's the super Audio sequencer that Cubase should be
It's a totally different product
You don't know enough about it to make up your mind
One thing is for sure : it's too expensive !
You don't have an opinion
If tomorrow Steinberg offers a Lite version of Nuendo, at the price of Cubase :
You upgrade readily
You wait for an exceptional Cubase / Nuendo update offer
You test before making up your mind
You're fed up with putting more money on the table
You wait for the warez version
You don't know
Stay with Cubase


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Pascal VALENTIN, on the 27-02-2001

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