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Poll : your Cubase version

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The idea was born on the Cubase-fr Mailing List, to know which Cubase version is the most used. Well!

We finally went a little bit further thant the simple question of the version. Whereas the qestion of the Warez regularly stirs up the debates on our MLs, it seems to us opportune to take a bearing on this subject. Please answer honestly to the questions, we cannot identify a voter, you don't risk anything by answering that your Cubase fell from a truck ;o)

And we thought it would be interesting to know what is the level of satisfaction of the users, whoever they are...

It's your turn to speak! Little precision for those who don't practise the Espace Cubase language: Waza means Warez, Crack, Krack, pirated version... ;op


The killer survey !

Your version of Cubase
Which version of Cubase do you use?
Cubase SX/SL PC
Cubase SX/SL MAC
Cubase 5.x PC
Cubase 5.x MAC
Cubase 3.x PC
Cubase 3.x MAC
Cubase 4.x MAC
Cubasis PC
Cubasis MAC
I dunno !
My Cubase version is:
An official version
A Wazzzzzzzzzzaaaa version!
I dunno!!
Of Cubase, you would say you are:
Very satisfied
Moderatly satisfied
Not very satisfied
Not satisfied at all!!!
I dunno! !


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Pascal VALENTIN, on the 03-04-2003

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