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Comparison Cubase SX 2.0 /SL 2.0

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What are the differences between the two versions ? We have received a PDF file assessing the subject. Here it is, shaped with our own slant ;o)

Comparison Cubase SX 2.0 / SL 2.0

Feature SL SX
Native audio – no additional DSP hardware required Y Y
Simultaneous playback of hundreds of audio tracks Y Y
Unlimited number of MIDI tracks Y Y
Physical Inputs/ Outputs 128 256
Inserts 5 8
Group channels 128 256
"FX" channels 8 64
VST Instrument slots 16 64
Midi insert plugins 4 4
ReWire 2 upport Y Y
Adaptive and configurable track mixer N Y
Number of mixer views 2 3
Extended Mixer view N Y
Automation modes Touch fader Touch fader, X-over, Autlatch, Trim, Overwrite
New VST 2.3 audio engine Y Y
Surround : True multichannel audio path N Y
24-bit/96 kHz audio resolution Y Y
32-bit floating point audio resolution Y Y
Unlimited Undo and Redo functions Y Y
Offline Process History For built-in audio processes For built-in audioprocesses and all plug-ins
VST System Link Y Y
New Look & Feel Y Y
Configurable Toolbar & Track Controls Y Y
VST Connections Window Y Y
User-Definable window layouts Y Y
Project Browser Y Y
FX Return Channels Y Y
Video Thumbnail track and preview Y Y
Recording Modes : Mix, Overwrite, Normal, Merge, Stacked Y Y
Editors : Key, Drum, List, SysEx, Score Y Y
Logical Editor Y Y
Audio/Tempo analysis and Audio/ Groove analysis Y Y
Slice & Stretch for audio loops, automatic tempo matching Y Y
Professional Score layout and printing functions N Y
Improved handling of multiple parts (audio and MIDI) Y Y
Musical Timebase Y Y
Linear Timebase Y Y
Soft Quantize Y Y
Time Warp Tool Y Y
Spectral Analysis N Y
Statistics functions N Y
Pitch Shifting/Time Stretching algorithm 3 modes 3 modes plus MPEX
Dithering Apogee UV22 Apogee UV22/ UV22HR
User-definable macros Y Y
Pool import/export Y Y
Cubase VST 5.x song import Y Y
Freeze for VST Instruments Y Y
Hardware Controller Support Y Y
Supports LTB for high-precision MIDI Timing (w/ Midex 8) Y Y
MTC/MMC support Y Y
CD audio grabbing Y Y
Full MP3 Fraunhofer Encoding3 Available as additional upgrade Y
Windows Media WMA Pro surround encoding N Y
A1, LM7, VB1 VST instruments included Y Y

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