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Users' Opinion - Audiomedia III

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Plateform : PCI bus, so PC-Mac compatibility. Use : Within a framework of a use with a PC, it is opimized for the software Session Software, which is in fact an 8-tracks DtD with volume automation, and pans. I, for myself, also use it with Wavelab, Soundforge, for sample edition. It's a really professional card and of irreproachable quality. I've choosen this card because I work a lot on institutional films mixing, and so with much common sound cards. I used to have some synch problems about the hard disk accesses. Here, as it is in PCI, there's a direct access via bus to the hard disks, so a better synching.

Concerning the use within Cubase or anything else, I've chosen to synchronize Cubase internally, which manages Midi, with Session, which manages audio only. And there, I've got better output dynamics, and each program is used for what it was optimized.

Recommendations : To all the people who need maximum quality, but especially in professional environments, regarding the price of this card.

Problems : When used with a PC, it is not recognized by the system as a multimedia sound card, but as a PCI card, that's the reason why when using it in certain multimedia applications, the software doesn't recognize the card, so you play without any sound !!! On the other hand, Riven with an Audiomedia card and some good loudspeakers, this is a real cinema.... Stephane.

I've got an AM III too. The problem between Steinberg and Digidesign is rather vague. In fact, Steinberg say that the AM III is VST compatible, BUT Digidesign pretends that it is not the case because they don't have any intention to give the first level AM III driver to Steinberg, in order to develop the ASIO driver, so what can we do ???

For the moment, I don't work in "Full Duplex" : Thanks to Digidesign and Steinberg ! Gil DERENNE.

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