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iCON's QCon Pro review
Jérôme, on 05-25-2012

We reviewed the iCON QCOn two years ago. Here is a review of its small brother which has just been released, the QCon Pro.

More about it...

Steinberg announce Nuendo Live
Pascal, on 22-03-2012

Steinberg are introducing a "Live" version of Nuendo. As the name implies, this version is dedicated to stage/live applications. Its main features are as follows :
  • A live recording system embedded in a single-window GUI.
  • Integration of Yamaha's CL series consoles.
  • Top notch audio engine (I quote Steinberg).
  • All-in-one information panel for the currently opened recording session.
  • Automatic track creation.
  • Editing tools.
  • And many other things.
The below link will tell you more about it all...

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Cubase 6.5 trial version
Pascal, on 22-03-2012

A trial version for Cubase 6.0 was already available but here comes the 6.5 one. This trial is fully functional but will stop working after 30 days. After this period, you'll have to uninstall it or buy it.

As usual, a Steinberg Key (dongle) will be necessary to install this trial. It will contain the 30-day licence.

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MK2 version for iCON's QCon
Jérôme, on 20-03-2012

The iCON QCon that we reviewed on Espace Cubase last year goes to Pro version and gets everything it was lacking : LED meters, LEDrings around pots, Timecode display, new faders, pro-tools compatibility, easy firmware update via iCON's own software.

Note that an extender (QConEx) is also announced, as well as a QCon Lite, a single-fader QCon.

We may review these new functions on Espace Cubase. We'll keep you posted.

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Cubase 6.0.6 maintenance release on the road !
Pascal, on 01-03-2012-2

As a consolation for those ranting against this non-free 6.5 version, Steinberg are announcing a 6.0.6 maintenance release in the forthcoming days for all Cubase versions (6, Artist, Elements, AI and LE).

No new feature, no new instrument, no new effect, just the fixing of 9 bugs, listed in the link below.

The story does not say if the 6.0.x series of Cubase will still be maintained in the future or if this release will be the last one. To be continued !

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Cubase 6.5 : the prices !
Pascal, on 29-02-2012

I forgot one small detail when I wrote the previous piece of news : the update from C6 to 6.5 is a paid one ! If my RAM is still OK, I think this is the first time users have had to pay for an intermediate update. How Cubasians will react to this new price policy has yet to be witnessed...

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Cubase v6.5 on the road
Pascal, on 29-02-2012

Cubase 6 and its artist version keep on living their little peaceful lives. According to the feedback we get on our mailing list, this version seems a reliable, stable one, without big unfixable bugs. Good for us !

But it keeps evolving with a new major update numbered 6.5. This one offers :
  • New virtual synths (Retrologue and Padshop)
  • New effects (MorphFilter, DJ-EQ)
  • New Presets for AmpRack
  • Better comping and improved Audiowarp
  • Direct Connection to Soundcloud
  • FLAC support
  • And, erm.......a Chinese translation of the GUI :-D

Have fun !

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iCON's QCon controller soon to be reviewed
Jérôme, on 8-12-2010

Announced in April at the latest MusikMesse, this new controler from the Asian manufacturer iCON (a fairly young company, almost unknown in Europe and France, offering good value for money products) has been the target of lots of comments on forums lately. It will offer touch-sensitive motorized faders and emulate a Mackie Control Universal for a retail price of 500 euros/690 dollars.

Although availability in Europe is planned around january or maybe february, we managed to get one directly from Hong Kong.

So a scoop review of the beast should be available soon on your favorite Cubase website. So, stay tuned !

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Steinberg Museum opens its doors !
Jérôme, on 17-12-2009

No, it is not a real "stone-made-of-rock" museum but a virtual one that Steinberg have just opened to public.

But, if you're interested in Steinberg's history, everything's there, from Pro 16 to Cubase 5, through the successive takeovers by Pinnacle and Yamaha. Besides, the thing is very well put together !

A very nice initiative on the occasion of Steinberg's 25th anniversary. Yes, indeed, 25 years already !

More about it...

Updates for Cubase 5
Jérôme, on 12-12-2009

Steinberg have just released an update for Cubase 5/Studio 5 to fully support Windows Seven on PC and OSX Snow Leopard on Mac.

This update also offers new features and fixes important bugs.

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Electronic EZX from Toontrack !
Jérôme, on 30-11-2009

Toontrack have definitely been one of the leading and most productive creators of acoustic drum soundbanks on the market for the last few years and the success of EZDrummer (reviewed here) and Superior Drummer is here to prove the quality of the sympathetical Swedish team's productions.

But, here, it is very surprising, indeed ! Toontrack have just released a new expansion set for EZDrummer by the name of... Electronic ! Yes, you heard it right, synthetic drum sounds ! And it's not light stuff. They sampled all the most famous and reputed machines (TB 303 and TR 808 among others) in their original or circuit-bent versions. Lovers of Depeche Mode, Joy Dibision, OMD, Daft Punk and the likes, this EZX is for you. But not only. If you are into industrial rock or if you like to thicken acoustic drums with electronic sounds, this bank is for you, too.

I promise, we will talk about it here in a few weeks.

More about it...

Cubase Essential 5 Grace Period Update Process
Steinberg, on 24-08-2009

All customers who have bought Cubase Essential 4 between July 15, 2009, and October 15, 2009, are eligible to obtain a Grace Period Update to Cubase Essential 5 at a special price.

You are eligible for the Grace Period Update if you have purchased one of the following products within the eligibility period above:
  • Cubase Essential 4
  • Cubase Essential 4 Updates
  • Cubase Essential 4 Upgrades
  • Cubase Essential 4 Educational
Not eligible are Cubase AI 4 and Cubase LE 4. Used products — regardless of purchase date — are excluded from this offer.

Please note that requests for Grace Period Updates to Cubase Essential 5 will only be accepted until December 31, 2009.

Obtaining an update : in order to obtain the update, please email your scanned or photographed proof of purchase to Steinberg. Please make sure that the proof of purchase is legible and contains the purchase date. It’s also important that you provide a functional email address so that we can provide you with your personalized link to the Steinberg Online Shop from where you will then buy your Grace Period Update.

Please send your proof of purchase to: graceperiod(sb) Once we have received your proof of purchase, we will send a personalized link to the Steinberg Online Shop to the email address you have provided. By using this link, you can obtain the Cubase Essential 5 Grace Period Update for EUR 10.00 (incl. 19% VAT) as download version. In addition, an optional backup DVD can be ordered for EUR 12.00 (incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping costs). Please note that processing your application for the Grace Period Update may take up to 6 weeks, and that Steinberg cannot process illegible proofs of purchase.

Steinberg will accept applications from residents of all countries, except for customers from Japan.

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Cubase Essential 5 Soon Available
Steinberg, on 24-08-2009

After releasing Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 5 in the first half of this year, Steinberg now is also introducing the fifth version of Cubase Essential.

Providing an easy, intuitive approach to composing, recording, editing and mixing, Cubase Essential 5 is the smallest full version of the latest Cubase music production systems. Cubase Essential 5 shines with the same user interface as its elder sibling Cubase 5 as well as the award-winning Steinberg Audio Engine heralded by countless professionals the world over. Cubase Essential 5 combines premium virtual instruments, outstanding audio and MIDI VST effects with a vast range of proven editing and sequencing tools while being extremely easy to use.

More about it...

Advanced Integration Updates for Cubase
Steinberg, on 24-08-2009

Steinberg is pleased to announce that it has released a set of updates for Cubase 5, Cubase Studio 5, MR816 CSX, MR816 X and CC121. The added capabilities include extended control options for CC121, workflow enhancements for MR816 CSX/X as well as functional additions and refinements to Cubase 5.

The update for the CC121 Advanced Integration USB controller includes new control options. The AI Knob now offers control for VST2 plug-ins, allowing ultra-quick “point and control” of any parameter accessible supporting use of the mouse wheel. The CC121 EQ section now features optional control over the eight Cubase 5 Quick Controls. Furthermore, the resolution of the encoders has been refined, while folder tracks can now be opened and closed directly from CC121, aiding navigation through large projects.

The MR816 CSX and MR816 X update comes with metering and workflow enhancements, including faster access to MR settings directly in Cubase. In addition, the Hardware Setup menu has been expanded to offer more information and control within one window.

Cubase 5.1 supports the new functionality available in the MR816 CSX/X and CC121 updates, also extending connectivity with Yamaha’s MOTIF XS. Project Tagging has been introduced to the MediaBay, the rating functionality has been extended to all preset browser windows and many other, smaller functional enhancements are also included.

“This is a further step along the road of integrating software and hardware in ways that offer major benefits in terms of workflow, intuitiveness and sheer smoothness of the whole customer experience,” comments Helge Vogt, Product Marketing Manager for Cubase.

All three updates are available now as a free download for all registered customers of the respective products.

More about it...

Nuendo 4.3 Update Release
Steinberg, on 31-08-2009

"Today, Steinberg releases Nuendo 4.3, which is the fourth maintenance update for the audio- and post-production software Nuendo 4. This new version is free and available as a download from our server.

“The overall goal for Nuendo 4.3 was to further improve the stability of the program. We’ve not only concentrated on addressing open issues concerned with File Import, Surround, Solo/Mute and Session handling, but have also enabled Cubase 5 projects to be opened in Nuendo 4.3. Our thanks goes out to our valued customers for their input,” comments Timo Wildenhain, marketing manager at Steinberg.

In addition, the new update also provides support for the upcoming Nuendo SyncStation, Steinberg’s new synchronizer.

“Our new synchronizer will be a benchmarking machine. The overall functionality and integration with Nuendo is absolutely outstanding,” Wildenhain continues. The Nuendo SyncStation is a joint-development of Steinberg and engineering legend Colin Broad."...

More about it...

Cubase 5.0.1 is here !
Pascal, on 01-04-09

The long awaited first update for Cubase 5 has landed in version 5.0.1. Quite a lot of bugs have been fixed and you'll get some enhancements, one of the most noticeable being the important work that has been done pertaining the resources needed by REVerence, Steinberg's convolution reverb, far lower than before. You'll also note improvements for the news tools featured in this new Cubase 5 (Loopmash, among others).

More about it...

Cubase 5 lands at NAMM show !
Jérôme, on 15-01-09

We'd been waiting for it for quite some time and, at Espace Cubase, we already knew it was coming, but some secrets have to be kept ! Cubase has landed in its version 5. The list of new features and improvements cannot be given here as it is veeeeeery long. But, raw like sushi, here are the most visible ones : a collection of tools to help you easily create grooves (Loopmash, Beatcreator...), brand new voice-oriented realtime pitch-shifting functions (Variaudio), a new plugin called PitchCorrect, based on Yamaha's Pitch Fix technology, full 64-bit compatibility, new GUI (and it is really nice, indeed !), new VST Expression technology for virtual samplers using huge orchestral (or not) soundbanks and......a convolution reverb called REVerence......and..........tadaaaaa........BATCH EXPORT functions, at last !!!

The really good news is that the price has dropped again and should be around 599 euros/650 dollars, including a printed manual.

If you want more information, you'd better go and have a look on Steinberg's site.

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Happy New Year 2009 !
Jérôme, on 02-01-2009

All the staff from Espace Cubase wish you all the best for 2009, may it be filled with lots of musical projects.

End of support for legacy products
Jérôme, on 07-11-2008

In order to focus their ressources on their most recent products, Steinberg are dropping support for a few.......outdated products ;o)

Then, end of support for the following products : Cubase VST 5.1x, Cubase VST 32 5.1x, Cubase VST Score 5.1x, Waldorf Attack, D´Cota, Model-E, Waldorf PPG Wave, Waldorf D-Pole, Mastering Edition, Steinberg Surround Edition, TC Surround Verb, VoiceMachine and Warp. Pertaining OS's, end of support for Mac OS 9.22 and Windows 98SE / ME.

New Funkmasters EZX for EZDrummer
Jérôme, on 07-11-2008

Toontrack have just announced the forthcoming release of a new soundbank for EZDrummer. This new EZX is Funk and Hip-Hop oriented and features special effects such as record scratches made with the help of Izotope's Vinyl and also dedicated reverbs.

Its name : Funkmasters. The sounds and MIDI loops have been played by the two gods of funk drumming : Clyde Stubblefield and John Starks (nicknamed Jab'o), the two drummers who took part to the rise and glory of the Godfather of Funk, the Late Mister James Brown !

Enjoy !

More about it...

Sequel 2 demo version available
Jérôme, on 11-08-2008

Steinberg have just uploaded a demo version of Sequel 2.

This demo is the same as the retail version (fully functional) but is limited to a maximum trial-period of 45 days.

More about it...

Sequel 2
Jérôme, on 03-07-2008

Steinberg are announcing a version 2 for their entry-level music-creation tool, Sequel.

Sequel 2 introduces new features, including a hardware controller learn mode, track freeze, virtual keyboards, track icons "à la Logic" (when are we getting this for our beloved Cubase ?) and many more.

The announced price tag is 99 euros for a full version and 29 euros for an upgrade from Sequel 1 (it seems this upgrade can only be performed via Steinberg's online shop, please check with your local distributor).

Three new loop banks (with 300+ loops on each CD) are also available for Sequel, covering rock, industrial and hip-hop styles. They will cost 14,90 euros.

More about it...

KR-Reverb FS R1.1.0
Daino, on 23-06-2008

KResearch offer a free version their commercial reverb KR-Space :
  • Adjustable Early Reflections Size
  • Adjustable Late reflections size
  • Adjustable Diffusion control
  • Adjustable Decay control
  • Adjustable Listener position control
  • Dry/Wet Mix adjustment.
  • Host Sampling Frequency up to 96KHz
  • For Microsoft Windows OS (VST), Mac OS X (AU UB,VST MAC)
  • Support for User definable presets (Save & Load) via Host interface.

More about it...

ReValver MKIII
Daino, on 23-06-2008

Peavey present ReValver MKIII, an amp modeling software :
  • 15 amp models, including Peavey 6505, JSX, Classic, ValveKing and Triple XXX
  • Modules in amp head, preamp and power amp formats
  • Two operation modes, with 64-bit and oversampling in HQ mode for hi-fi fanatics
  • FFT based convolution reverb, including sampled spring reverb and various effects
  • More than 150 speaker samples using real-time convolution and membrane modeling
  • Etc.
Peavey announce the price of 299 $ on their site.

More about it...

Daino, on 23-06-2008

Voxengo released this month :
  • Voxengo VariSaturator 1.3 : various minor fixes, some improvements, virtual keyboard...
  • Voxengo Crunchessor 2.2 : same thing
  • A new delay, Voxengo Sound Delay 1.0 : in free download.

More about it...

Happy New Year 2008 !
Jérôme, on 05-01-2008

The whole Espace Cubase team wishes all their visitors a smashing 2008 year !

May it be full of music and success !

The end of a whole series of plugins
Jérôme, on 05-01-2008

As a consequence of Wizoo GmBh having been acquired by Digidesign recently, Steinberg have just announced that the following products will therefore officially become "legacy" products and will not receive any more development (no more updates or new features).

Virtual Bassist
Virtual Guitarist 2
Hypersonic 2
The Grand 2

Users who bought those products will benefit crossgrades and special offers on upgrades when Steinberg release similar products in the future.

More about it...

Cubase 4.1 and Cubase Studio 4.1
Daino, on 28-10-2007

Cubase et Cubase Studio have been updated to 4.1 for Windows and Mac OSX, to be downloaded from Steinberg's FTP. A major update, according to users since there are many great enhancements :
  • Sample Editor Function Inspector
  • Side-chain input for VST3 plugins
  • Quick Controls in the Track Inspector
  • Improved Mediabay
  • Global Transpose track
  • Project Logical Editor
  • Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit now officially supported
  • Improved Drum Editor
  • New plugins
  • MusicXML import and export
  • Etc.
100 loops can also be downloaded for Mediabay from Steinberg's FTP (Demo Loop Content Installer).
Following those updates, some 64-bit preview versions for Windows Vista 64-bit are proposed too...

More about it...

Toontrack Solo
Daino, on 03-10-2007

Toontrack announces the next release of Toontrack Solo, a host application for Toontrack Music samplers providing stand alone operation. Their VSTis were usable till now as plugins only.
  • Stand alone operation of Toontrack samplers
  • Optimized for real-time, low latency operation
  • Full ASIO/Core Audio/Core MIDI support
  • Routable mixer with support for up to 16 physical OUT
  • Each instance can be assigned a discrete MIDI channel
  • Support for specialist MIDI controllers.
Toontrack Solo will be released as a free download before the end of october 2007 to all registered users of EZ and Superior Drummer samplers.

More about it...

Nuendo 4
Daino, on 25-09-2007

A long time after Cubase 4, Steinberg now announces the release of Nuendo 4.

It seems that Steinberg want to definitively separate the two softwares, that is to say Nuendo for post-production and engineers, and Cubase for music : the music tools from Cubase are no longer available in Nuendo 4, but proposed as an optional module, the Nuendo Expansion Kit (NEK).

Some new features among other ones :
  • VST3 protocol
  • Individual Punch Out for each channel
  • New editing commands and modifying tools
  • 38 new VST3 effect plugins
  • Completely reengineered routing capabilities throughout the entire VST Mixer
  • Drag'n'drop function of FX plugins on tracks
  • MediaBay database
  • New eqs
  • Ready for Windows Vista and Intel-based Macintosh computers
  • MPEX 3 for time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms
  • Etc.
Because the development of Nuendo 4 took a bit longer than anticipated, Steinberg moved the projected release date for Cubase (Studio) 4.1 back a few weeks...

More about it...

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