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Nuendo, is not Cubase VST. Spread the word ! Nuendo is a high-end software package designed for post-production. When the Espace Cubase VST Mailing-List subscribers found this out, they were really disappointed. To suggest that music makers give up Windows may be premature, but it may be something to consider for the near future.

This poll is here to record your reaction to the prospect of Cubase Beingg ported to the BeOS. We are asking you to cast your vote so that we can present these results to Steinberg as a united front. It is up to you to express your opinion about the future of Cubase VST on a PC platform. We will provide Steinberg with the URL so they may see the results directly.


To complete the survey, you will need a web browser with JavaScript enabled. Click next to the response that most accurately expresses your opinion about the survey question. When you are done, click the button labeled 'Voter' below to submit your response. To see how the survey is coming along click the button labeled 'Resultats'. Please vote only once ,-o)

Cubase and BeOS
What would be your reaction if Cubase was developped on BeOs ?

I already use BeOS, I long to run Cubase on it !
I buy both softwares right now
I keep what I already have, I don't want to learn everything once again
I keep what I have, it works very well
I'm rather fond of Linux
BeOS, what's that ?


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