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Technical specifications :

  • 3.5" Stereo Jack Line inputs + Aux + 3.5" stereo jack Mic / Output
  • Plug'n'Play 16 bits ISA full duplex soundcard ( A/D and D/A Crystal Semiconductor CS4232 audio converters, similar to TurtleBeach TBS 2000's ones ), no digital output
  • Sampling rate from 5 kHz to 48 kHz
  • Dynamics 95dB
  • Room noise Signal >80 dB
  • Full harmonic distorsion less than 0.015% at 1kHz
  • Diaphony between channels > 65 dB
  • Line and Aux inputs : 2 V rms maxi Level, Impedance 10 KOhms
  • Mic Input Level : 10 mV to 200 mV cac max Impedance 600 kohms or 20 kOhms
  • Supplied power 2.5 V to 1 mA
  • line / headphones Output : 1.5V rms impedance 32 Ohms
  • Available IRQ : 5-7-9-11-12-15
  • Available DMA : 0-1-3
  • Codec basic adress : 120H - 3FCH
  • MPU401 basic adress : 330H - 360H
  • Connector for daughter-board (wavetable...)
  • Life warranted

My opinion :

I've been using it for 1 year without any problem, even if it works only in 16 bits (that is after all the maximum quality available at this time for Audio CD...).

The A/D/A converters of very good quality, contrary to many more expensive cards (about 152 euros currently, whereas I bought it 303 euros at a local retailer... arghhhh).

I recommend it to anyone who could use it in an advanced amateur context (or not, as you want !).

It's an Audio Direct to Disk Full Duplex soundcard with 2 analog inputs + 2 analog outputs (you can record a stereo track or two mono ones at the same time, or you can read two other ones, in simultaneaous 16 bits playback and writing) + Midi card in MPU401 standard. There aren't any integrated sounds onboard (but you can add a daughter-board, I don't recommend this to you, I prefer working with an external expander. There isn't any specific sampling rate function, neither a DSP Processor (for DSP-FX or other softwares).

I use it to convert into digital and to process according to the requirements of any analog signal in order to burn Audio CDs or make some Audio tapes of :

  • Recording of Digital Satellite Radios
  • Transfer from old vinyls (+ Audio Declicker processings... restoration.)
  • Transfer from recordings from Metal audio tapes
  • Recording of voice or instrument tracks in Cubase VST (maximum 2 at the same time) into my MIDI songs.
  • Sampling is not my business, I don't need it, neither the gear (I didn't say the software !), and this card doesn't have the functions to do it.

In short, I use it like a perfect little Direct to Disk system with 2 inputs/2 outputs in 16 bits, which makes it possible then to do every editions and adequate digital processings with our dear DirectX plugins from VST or Wavelab.

It workss on a Pentium MMX 233 Mhz 48 MB system, HDD IDE 2.1 + 2.1 GB (yes, SCSI was too expensive... We'll see later) + RICOH 6200 SCSI CD-burner + PIONNER 12x SCSI CD-reader. It's been working very well too with a P133 Mhz, even if I was at this time more limited with audio processings.

No working problem, neither Midi/Audio synchronization one at this time.

Be aware : For those who have some systems similar to the ones bought in Supermarkets, for which audio cards are often integrated onto the motherboard (and can't be disconnected), you may need a second DMA channel which can be required by the original audio chipset. As a result, full-duplex may not function (therefore, you can't record during playback !). But of course, it shouldn't concern so many Cubase users... should it ??

That's all folks !!! Phil REDIELLO.

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