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Users' Opinion - Terratec EWS 64 XL

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It is an audio and Midi card (DTD, synth), 2 analog stereo line inputs (in fact, only one is good enough for professional work).

  • 1 coax digital input
  • 1 optical digital input
  • 2 evens of analog outputs
  • 2 coax digital outputs
  • 2 midi ports
  • front panel

It is sold as to be a DtD card, synth (64 voices of polyphony maxi), Midi and SAMPLER. Now, the software which makes it possible to use the card as a sampler has just been released in its first beta versions, whereas the card has been for sale for almost one year. Swindle !

I had a lot of problems during the installation in spite of the driver updates, which are besides not fully operational. I've spent a lot of time on phone with the distributor, SCV (communications to Paris...), who have, fortunately, a good technical support. Still no ASIO driver. But then , I've just noticed during my first mastering session with this card, in front of the customer, that this card was giving forth some little audio crackles on the output level (no crackles on the burned CD). It is not a peak level problem... In this type of situation, it gives a bad image...

So, I will immediately phone again SCV in order to have them change this card for another one, which will do mastering only, then I don't care about the other things... Like a Prodif32 or 64 by Sek'D. Christophe Chenevard

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