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Cubase Remote Control Range for 03D or 02R !

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During a trip on a close Mailing-List (02R and little sisters), a member candidate, Laurent Steffen, teach me that he is programming a remote control for Cubase, with a 02R or a 03D Yamaha used as an interface. I immediatly ask him the authorization to spread his program. He gives his authorization and even makes me a detailed description of it. You can thus benefit from it ! -)) Thank you Laurent!

Christophe CHENEVARD

For a long time, I had been seeking for a mean of controlling the VST mixer, using my 03D.

The first attempts using the original "Generic Remote" and one of the Remote pages of the 03D did not satisfied me completely: no return of VST towards 03D, only 3 or 4 functions do work, if any, accessible in a really not ergonomic way. Moreover, when this "Generic Remote" function was activated in Cubase, odd things used to happen (inappropriate transfers, EQ which changes all alone), it was not so, a litle so so !

I thus faced the painful choice of purchasing a control device and while i was studying the midi structure of a Radikal SAC K, I realized that it called upon only one midi channel, therefore with a reduced number of instructions. So how do they do, will you say to me ?

They use the technique of the "Request". Rolling up my sleeves, I dived into the "Generic Remote" entrails and here is the result! Now, you can write to Steinberg so that they offer me brand new Nuendo and Digi 24/96 because my Cubase is all worn ;o)

How does it works...

In a digital mixer, we have access to a restricted number of commands simultaneously, the faders being only one representation of a function of the mixer. By applying the same principle, I said to myself that the mixer can understand these datas because the Cubase VST mixer can transmit them.

So, I could conceive 8 Banks adapted to the various stages of the mixing. I tried to make it in an ergonomic way. Banks Mix 11-64 allow to use the console in an intuitive way because each function is identical; I ensure you that it changes one's life because it is made in a transparent way..

Following banks, Eq/Fx : 1-16, Eq/Fx : 17-32 are a little more complex. A channel has to be selected (from Cubase or the mixer) so that its parameters are assigned to the 03D control surface.

  1. The ON buttons (on the 03D) are used as channel selectors
  2. The master becomes the volume of the selected channel
  3. According to the selected position (fader, aux 1/4), we reach all the controls of a track (except the dynamic inserts of Cubase and the Solo of Nuendo).

Here it is, it was not that complicated, add 2 full afternoon to type the 2 times 2500 lines of code, 2 or 3 days of tests and corrections and here the quasi final version.

To benefit from my stroke of inspiration, the following things are required :

  • 1 03D digital mixer (but I give a table of correspondence of the midi controllers and parameters of the console, applicable in a certain way to the 02R and promix01 and under some reserve for the others).
  • To give up the analog inputs of the console when Cubase or Nuendo is taking charge of the console (except if Yamaha provides us the access to the local on/off of the console which is unavailable)
  • On the 03D and 02R, the digital channels remain independent and accessible the usual way. In the same way, the ST IN input and its knob are not shared and remain dedicated to the 03D or the 02R.

Parameters setting

The remaining instructions is displayed in the rtf format and can be downloaded here (30 Ko).

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Laurent STEFFEN, on the 22-06-2001

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