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Recording MIDI into Audio with the ISIS

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At last,

The most efficient method to convert MIDI tracks played by the ISIS into Audio tracks in Cubase VST has been given by Marc Eirin. Indeed, to do this with the external rack, you just have to use the S/PDIF connexions ; using an RCA cable linking the S/PDIF input to the S/PDIF output, we then get a perfect audio recording of the MIDI tracks.

First of all, you have to choose the S/PDIF option for inputs #7 and #8 in the 8/4 mixer, and set the monitoring volume of these tracks to 0. You can leave the clock to 44.1 in the mixer, it won’t change the recording quality. In Cubase VST, you have to check if inputs #7 and #8 are activated in “VST inputs”. Then, select these inputs for the audio track onto which you want to record the MIDI source, and you mute all the other tracks. Now, you are ready to convert the MIDI tracks into Audio ones. It works very well, and, according to what I can hear, the restitution is of good quality.

I found this card more and more convenient. Finally, unless you play games in DOS mode, you can always use the Console in 8/4-mode !

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