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So, the procedure is the following :

It's necessary that your original Cubase disc is in your drive during the operation. So, open Cubase ;o)))

In the modules menu, you click on Setup, that opens the Setup menu (incredible...), you activate the Studio Module by clicking on No which is then transformed (aaahhh, magic of data processing...) into Yes.

So far, so good. You close the Module Setup window.

You click again on the Modules menu and there, ô joy, there is a second line named "Studio Modules". From that moment on, you?re in heaven. You click on this new line and that opens a menu with plenty of greyed items, except "Setup" and "Deactivate". You click on Setup and that opens the Studio setup window.

Click on Add and you will seek, on the original Cubase CD, for the file "Library", you open it, then you open the file "Studio Modules Drivers", and there you have plenty of files bearing the names of our favourite synths, you open the file "Korg", and click on "" which then appears in the "Studio Setup" window.

In the "Setup Studio" window, you click on "" and the greyed boxes turn back to normal. For your input and output, you select your 01 W (in my case, it is "ESS MPU.420", I only deal with that, I don?t pay attention to any other functions, I might come back to them later, one will see according to their needs. You click on "OK" and there it is.

Now, whenever you access the "Modules" Menu then "Studio Modules" you?ll see that everything can be selected. You click on ?Patch? and on whatever you feel like changing (programs or combinations). Try program, for instance... a pretty Excel-like table opens up before your smoked eyes (because of the thing that?s still smoking in the ashtray beside your synth :-). Click on the top left on "data". A "data management for the Korg 01W? window opens up. Click on "file, import sysex, and get a sysex bank on the appropriate media. If you haven?t got any sysex bank, then all I?ve just tried to explain won?t be of any help.

If it?s not already done, I suggest we put this page on the web site, because, as being of the "two fingers writer" type, I started to write this page two hours ago...

Larsen, on the 30-05-2002

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