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Cubase SX is bundled with some PatchNames for the most recent and common devices. But those which are missing are numerous, so the search for the PatchName of a synth or another has become usual.

<>Some Cubasians are more courageous than others, and put their hands in the engine to make their own PatchNames. As these courageous people are also generous, they decided to give you their PatchNames!


Two cases: the stuff is in the *.txt format, and you just have to place it in :

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Steinberg\Cubase SX\Scripts\Patchnames.

It will then appear in the Midi Device Manager if you click on the "Install Device" option. The second case is that it is given in the *.xml format, and in this case, you have to import it with the "Import Setup" function.

Of course, you can propose us your own Patchnames, they will be added to this page. How to do? Easy, send us a simple email with your file...

PatchNames classified by device

Simply click on the links to download the files from our server...

Appareil Marque Format Auteur
AN 200 Yamaha XML KamiZOoL dee ForcE
Creamware Remote Creamware XML Séb
CVP 103 Yamaha XML Grégory Fourres
DJX Yamaha TXT Andreas Witez
DR 202 Boss XML KamiZOoL dee ForcE
DX 7 MK I Yamaha XML @lix
EM-50 Roland TXT Crifou
JV-2080 Roland TXT Deepsound
JX-305 Roland TXT Karim Ajroud
K 2500 Kurzeil TXT ED
Karma Korg TXT Unknown Soldier
MicroVerv 4 Presets Alesis TXT Cylpa
MicroVerv 4 User Alesis TXT KamiZOoL dee ForcE
MS 2000 Korg XML KamiZOoL dee ForcE
N5-CB0-9 Korg TXT Claude Chassaing
N5-Drums Korg TXT Claude Chassaing
N5-GM + GS+SG Korg TXT Claude Chassaing
N5-PR0-9 Korg TXT Claude Chassaing
NR5R Korg TXT Nicolas Adams
PC 88 Kurzweil XML Alain Ernst
QY-70 Yamaha XML @lix
SansAmp PSA-1 Tech 21 XML FeedBack
Supernova Novation TXT Deepsound
SX-880 Roland TXT Denis Dussartre
TG 33 Yamaha XML KamiZOoL dee ForcE
TS12 Ensoniq TXT Cylpa
TX81Z Yamaha TXT Cylpa
VVintage Keys 6 E-Mu TXT Glouis
X5DR - TXT Korg TXT Larsenic
X5DR - XML Korg XML Quin Barrie
XV-5050 Roland TXT Vidda
XV-5050 + SXR 03 Roland TXT Alain Hedan
XV-5080 Roland TXT Vidda

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