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By using it daily, we end up thinking we know everything about Cubase. Then, someone comes on the ML and asks a question such as : "Hum, what should I do to change the tempo of a Midi track without changing the leading tempo of the whole piece ?". And then, suddenly, every top Cubase Users begin to scratch whoever the chin whoever the forehead while saying : "Hey, that's true, how do we usually do that ?".

But, fortunately, among the subscribers, there's always someone who knows the trick or eventually finds it in the end ! So, we will give you the so-easy-to-find solution we have defined altogether.

Remember the Logical Editor !

Oh yes, we often forget about it ! And it's a pity because it allows very powerful things as far as you do the effort to get into it. I even think we have a related topic on the site, let's see ... Yep ! If this tool is beyond your capabilities, have a look at this. In brief, the Logical Editor allows you to achieve miscellaneous modifications on MIDI data according to several criteria.

Let's have an exemple and analyze it. You have a piece with a tempo of 140 and you have found a nice drum loop but with a tempo of 70. Well ! What makes a MIDI sequence to play more or less quickly ? the notes position in relation to the time-line and their length ! As it is pure mathematical data and considering that the Logical Editor is able to achieve calculations ... I shall detail the handling under Cubase SX but it is exactly the same under Cubase VST 5.0. So, highlight the Part to be dealt with, and launch the Logical Editor which you will find in the MIDI menu rollbar (CTRL L under VST 5). Now things are getting a little bit more complicated !

The goal will be to make this editor understand : "If the data is a note, be cool to split the position and the length up in two, thanks a lot" ! In the window, upwards, it's the condition, downwards, it's the job to achieve.

Click on the image for a larger view

Translation of what you see on screen : If it's a type note event or if itsn't (trick to modify all types of events), split both duration and position up in two.

You will have understand that a lot of things may be done around here ;o) Try your own experimentations ! And for those who will retort me that the preset already exists, I shall answer that the opportunity was too ideal to discover this marvellous tool again ;op

Last minute trick !

Gilles Blais handles it its own way, rather practical indeed.

Click on the Selection tool but hold the mouse button down. Surprise ! A menu rolls down with 3 options. Choose "Size Change with Duration Modification".

You just have to catch the Part by the little white square in the bottom-right corner and to modify its size. The result will be the same : a Midi Time Stretch !

Well done Gilles !

Pascal VALENTIN, on the 08-09-2002

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