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Getting quarter-tones

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This is a rarely addressed topic, although when it is it does trigger numerous discussions.

Gilles BLAIS : as far as quarter-tones are concerned, you must use the pitch bend of your synth or use "Key Edit" (Ctrl E), select "Pitch Bend" at the bottom left and manually input the desired pitch. To do so, right-click your mouse and select the pen tool. Keep the ALT key depressed and draw your "pitch".

64 is the center value. If you increase it, the "pitch" will increase according to how your synth is configured. Usually, the upper limit (127) increases the pitch by a tone, but as I said it all depends on how your synth is configured. If you go below 64, the pitch decreases. Don't forget to set back pitch bend at center (64) after your "bending" to get the original pitch. You can also use List Edit (Ctrl G) and check, modify or add values.

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Gilles BLAIS, on the 06-05-1998

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