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Users' Opinion - Motu 896

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As nobody gave his opinion about the Motu 896 yet, here is mine :-)

I have installed the Motu 896 (Firewire) in less than three minutes 10 months ago, and, since then, I have never had any troubles. Everything functions perfectly, which is quite surprising for me, as I am a regular in computing ;-) Sound is excellent, transparency in Cubase SX is complete.

The Motu 896 can record in 16 or 24 bits. Resolution goes from 44.1 to 96kHz. We can use up to three Motu 896 at the same time, to increase the number of ins and outs. It has an ADAT in/out, an AES/EBU and 8 analog ins/outs. So we have 18 ins/outs. The analog connections can be XLR or jack plugs. It has an independent level for the headphones out, so we have a no latency monitoring. Used with Cubase, we can use until 18 separated mixes, if your computer can follow and if you have a digital mixing board (Adat and Aes/Ebu) which has many bus.

One of the interest of the Motu 896 is that it has 8 excellent preamps. We can theoretically do without a mixing board. I say "theoritecally" because in real life, a mixing board is essential, for the routing of the monitoring mixes for example. If you have a notebook with a firewire in, you can go on the road with the 896 and record eight simultaneous tracks only with your microphones.

Here we are! You will have understood I am very satisfied with the Motu 896. In fact, I have nothing to reproach it. Gilles BLAIS


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