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Users' Opinion - Pulsar II

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I'm a very satisfied user and an enthusiast defender of the PULSAR sound card by Creamware. So, I cared about indicating you a few oblivions : the Pulsar is available in 2 versions : Pulsar analog I/O, unbalanced RCA, dig. I/O S/PDIF, 2x8 ADAT in/out. Pulsar+ : balanced analog XLR I/O, AES/EBU digital I/O, 2x8 ADAT in/out. This card has 4 Sharc DSP's, dithers the sound in 32 bits floating point in internal. It samples in 32, 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz. Converters : DAC 24 bits, ADC 20 bits 64 times oversampling. It is now released in multi-platform version PC/MAC and some crossgrades for BeOS and Linux are intended. Prices : Pulsar : 1288 euros, Pulsar+ : 1370.50 euros. Its importer in France is CreamWare France.

My opinion is that this card distinguishes itself from all the other ones by its extreme flexibility : all that gets in and out of the card in analog, in digital or ADAT, all that is generated in internal by the extremely realistic and without-latency virtual synthetisers, or by any other Windows (or Mac) software via the virtual wave ports, all the Asio inputs-outputs, all that gets in and out of the midi interfaces (virtual or real), all can be virtually routed and dynamically !!

Moreover, its integration within Cubase VST is really remarkable : the number of Asio input/output channels can be adjusted dynamically, all the faders of the internal virtual components can be routed via midi... In brief... I can't find the words to tell you how this card is THE CARD which I've always dreamed of... In brief. Test it, you won't be disappointed !! (I'm absolutely not payed by CreamWare for telling you all that... See you soon.

Alexandre POLLON.

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