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I've already talked to you about PSP Audioware of which I've presented the Stereo Pack. PSP has released since some other plugins. Best is to have a look to their website to know some more !

Today, I will talk to you about the last one, PSP MixSaturator. Regarding the name and the appearance of the interface, you know immediately which Steinberg's plugin it competes with. To help you, I can tell you that it begins by "Ma" and that it ends by "gneto" ,o) Niarf !

As some of you are at less as short-sighted as me, here's the plugin with a better zoom !

So, what is it useful for ? Since the arrival of the all-digital solution system, some think that digital is source of colder sound, whereas the good old analogic uses to give more warmth. Are they right, are they wrong, this is an another discussion ! We can just notice that many companies, basing themselves on this argument, use to propose some solutions of sound "warmth". Steinberg has released for example Magneto, to finally include a thing like that, True Tape, in the very new Cubase 5.0 VST32.

PSP's own solution is named thus MixSaturator. At first look, you say to yourself that it is a copy of Magneto. Then, when having a closer look to the gadget, you quickly notice that they are many more adjustments.

The big difference is that you can choose the frequencies you want to work on. In short, you have : the input/output adjustment, a Drive for deciding the distorsion level, a Shape which will give its sound color to the effect, and some adjustments on the low and high frequencies.

I should say that the effect is divided in three parts :

  1. Bass : acts on a choosen low frequency
  2. Process :activates or not the Drive and the Shape
  3. Treble : same thing as for the Bass

Good point : those three processings are independant one from each other and can be activated or not separately. Well done !

When manipulating all of this, you quickly understand that is is very efficient, that it can quickly becoming essential ! Take care however, it rather compresses a lot, and if you abuse too much, you kill the nuances. But when playing with the presets, it doesn't play you false, from an adjustment to an other one, the song is completely transformed ! In short, it sounds well and this is the main quality we use to expect from an audio software whatever it is, don't we ? Looking at the CPU use, it pumps 10 % of my P3 500's ressources. Anything dramatical thus for a Master effect which could be used in mastering and not in Cubase in real time...

On more, PSP have the nice habit to release their plugins with a detailed manual, in English and in ... Polish and especially with some presets. It wouldn't be a bad thing if some would take inspiration from that ! So, I can really suggest to you to download the demo, I'm certain that, considering the low price, you will break your little money-box ;o)

Best is to listen, isn't it ? Hum ? Here's a little part of nothing, unmixed, just as an example. The first part is dry, the second one is processed, and you hear it ! To listen, click on Winamp's PLAY button :

Cliquez sur PLAY !

Pascal VALENTIN, on the 20-08-2000

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